Brand Profiling and Positioning

In the face of fierce competition from international brands, our role is to promote Zimbabwean brands by offering them an opportunity communicate their unique selling proposition to their targeted audience. All strong brands create a special relationship with customers which triggers emotional attachment with the brand. It is this emotional attachment that wins and retains customers.

At Think Local, we believe that promoting local brands will cultivate a sense of national identity and pride. Through profiling Zimbabwean brands, we believe that we will be able to influence customers’ buying habits and choices. When we profile local brands, our vision is to incrementally alter consumers’ decision tree. When a customer walks into a supermarket, they should ‘think local first’.

Content Marketing

At Think Local we believe that a well curated and targeted content marketing strategy can put your business in the powerful position of being a thought leader, building trust and brand preference with customers.

Every brand has a story behind it.  The vision of the owner, the challenges faced, the community it operates in, people it employs and many more inspiring moments.

We take your story and share it with thousands of our followers and subscribers. Think Local runs a quarterly print magazine which is distributed nationwide. We also offer corporate filming and videography services to our clients.