We are manufacturers and suppliers of all electric fencing material. The company has grown and diversified to include the installations of all types of fencing, such as diamond mesh, electric, wall top, razor wire and palisade.

A fully Zimbabwean company that tries to support other local businesses and manufactures wherever possible. We hire locally and often have university students doing attachments with us.

Barrett Energiser
Mana Fence Kit
Barrett Strip Grazing Shock Box
Cathode Series Battery Chargers
Free Standing Pallisade Fencing
Free Standing Pallisade Fencing
7 Strand Roll Top Electric Fence
Razor Flat Wrap Fence
6 Strand Upright Electric Fence
8 To 10 Strand Angled Electric Fence
Piggy Back Bracket Installation
1.5m And 1.8m Free Standing Game Fence
1.8m And 2.4 M Free Standing Barbed Wire Fence
Wall Lacing Electric Fence
1.5m – 1.8m Free Standing Diamond Mesh

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