Black Crystal Consulting has become one of Zimbabwe’s leading reputable companies offering an excellent service in environmental, socio-economic and cultural heritage consultancy services.

Black Crystal provides innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental management and we advise our clients in the wise use of natural resources, and how to manage environmental, archaeological resources and social risks during the implementation of development projects such as water projects, road, dams, irrigation, office complexes etc, through such tools as Environmental & Social Impact Assessments.

Archaeological & Cultural Heritage Assessments
Biodiversity Assessments
Community Health & Safety Assessments
Community Training On Environmental Conservation
Company Environmental Management Training
Ecological Surveys And Monitoring
Environmental Awareness Through Bi-monthly Newsletter
Environmental Awareness Training To Women And Youth
Environmental & Social Impact Assessments
Environmental & Social Auditing
Environmental Legal Reviews
Geographical Information Systems Mapping
Legal Compliance Auditing
Mine Closure Planning
Participating In Clean Up Campaigns
Promoting Educational Conservation To Children
Soils & Land Use Assessment
Social Risk Assessments
Working With Partners In The Up-scaling/recycling Of Waste

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