Caridorn manufactures a complete range of coated abrasives which include various shapes, sizes, bond types & backing, minerals and grit sizes. These are widely used in the metal and wood work industries, applications range from heavy stock removal to fine finishing.

The manufacturing plant is based in Gweru and has our distinct processing sections namely Coated, Grinding, Buffing Compounds and Refractories. The maker which produces Coated Abrasives was commissioned in July 1978, followed by the Wheel Plant in December 1984 and Crushing Plant in January 1990.

Glass Paper Sheets
Garnet Paper Sheets
Emery Cloth
Emery Tape Rolls
Waterproof Paper Sheets
Economy Rolls (metal cloth)
Floor sanding rolls
Cool Blue Paper Rolls/Disc/Belts
Resin cloth/Belts/Discs
Production Paper

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