Dairy Fresh Distributors is the official distributor and marketer of dairy and beverage products for Probrands, Kefalos and Irvine’s. The core business of Dairy Fresh Distributors is mainly van sales and distribution of products.

Prodairy Masi – 500ml, 1litres & 2litres
Sawa Sour – 500ml, 1 Litre
Revive Maheu – 250ml, 500ml, and 1Litre
UHT Life Long Milk 1 Litre
Steri Milk – 500mls
Dairy juices – Revive 250ml, 500ml,1litre and 2 litres
Dairy Burst – 250 ml and 400 ml
Probottlers Cordial drinks
Ballyhouse – 1litre, 2litres and 5 litres
Fizzi drinks – 500 ml and 2 litres
Tonic and Soda Water 500 ml

Yoghurts, cheese, ice creams, etc


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