The PGI is a group of companies involved in agri-business and renewable energy operating in Southern Africa. In Zimbabwe the group owns and manages the Eastern Highlands Plantations Limited which is a tea and macadamia producer based in Manicaland Zimbabwe. The Eastern Highlands tea estate is located in the Honde Valley at the foot of Mount Nyangani in eastern Zimbabwe. The tea is processed through the Wamba factory.

The estate, which borders the National Park, has two perennial rivers flowing through it. These rivers are used to both provide irrigation for the tea and to generate hydro-electric power.

Eastern Highlands Plantations Limited
Duru Power Station (Pvt) Ltd
Nyamingura Power Station (Pvt) Ltd
Pungwe A Power Station (Pvt) Ltd
Pungwe B Power Station (Pvt) Ltd
Hauna Power Station (Pvt) Ltd
Riverside Solar Power Station (Pvt) Ltd

Solar Power

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Renewable Energy Division

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