Mamsen Engineering are proudly Zimbabwean manufacturers of equipment used in the Tobacco, Agriculture, Mining, Construction and Automotive industries.

Plate Compactors
Poker Vibrator Needles & Drivers
Power Floaters
Water Pumps
Road Centre Line Markers
Automotive Combo Spray Booths
Ground Nut Shellers
Conveyor Systems
Specialised Equipment
Tobacco Quality Control Degradation Shaker
Tobacco Small Scale Curing Barn
Tobacco Toaster
Sanitizing Spray Booth
Gold Shaker Table
Mobile Bag Stacking Conveyor
Direct Conditioning Cylinder

Bitumen Tanks
Belt Sander
Mobile Staircase
Screening Separator
Twin Turbo Barn
Forklift Loading Ramp
Sawdust Stove
Hydraulic Bailing Press
Scrap Cleaning Line Conveyor System

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