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Handmade Safari Boots, Shoes and Accessories in Exotic Gameskin Leathers

Courteney footwear and accessories are manufactured in the old fashioned way that’s seldom seen today. Our products are handmade to order by skilled craftsmen and women in a small workshop in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, using the finest gameskin leathers from renewable resources.

The Courteney collection combines natural gameskins such as Ostrich, Kudu, Cape buffalo, Impala and Hippo leather. With wild leather there will be variations in colour and texture, but your hand-crafted Courteney product will age gracefully with time, wear and polish. Gameskin is more comfortable to wear than bovine, and as the leather shapes itself to your ‘footprint’, your boots will become personalised and unique to you.

Unlike mass produced footwear, we use all-natural materials. The upper, lining, insole and sock are all natural leather, allowing your foot to breathe. We even make our own natural rubber soles which are flexible and extremely quiet.

Men’s Safari Boots
Men’s Safari Shoes
Ladies Safari Boots
Ladies Safari Shoes

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